Hiro is a muti-faceted "teacher" and coach . She can accompany you in english, french and german. Along her many travels, she gathered many skills.

She trained as an holistic massage therapist and learned many different active meditation techniques in The ashram of Osho in Poona, India.

She met Sri Poojaji, where she learned the techniques of self-inquiry, a powerful technique to come to know your true self.

In south East Asia , she studied  Vipassana.

She trained as a "sophroanalyst " , a body oriented psychotherapy which gives her the abilities to help you with any psychological issues.

She developed her own way to accompany you which she called "Moment to Moment coaching ".


She is trained as a Yin Yoga teacher.

With all her skills and years of experience she is able to accompany you on your inner journey while having an outer journey.